Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oi!!! Almost a year gone!

Oooooh Man! Yup almost 1 year and I FINALLY decided to update the good ole blog!

A lot has happened in the last year I became a mom & Ken became a dad to Holden! A full of life little stinker that changes everyday! I love him more then anything!

Here is a quick (I mean VERY quick) break down of the last year:

*Leah and the kids came in Aug '10 for a long stay to met Baby Holden
*Holden was the cutest little dragon for Halloween!
*We had an AMAZING Turkey day in Columbus with Ken and his family
*Christmas was pretty special with it being Holden's first. We split the weekend with my family and Ken's!
*In January '11 Ken, myself, Nicole and Brandon made our way to World of Concrete in Vegas...well we mostly visited Harrah's outdoor bar! It was my first trip to Vegas and it was a BLAST!!!! Holden spent the few days with Nana and Papa: )
*April Ken celebrated his 29th (yikes) Birthday...I need to start thinking of his 30th b0-day pary...
*May-Mindee my Mom and I ran the 5 mile MT Women's Run! After years of saying we were doing it and years of running the 2 mile we FINALLY did it!
We also ran/walked the Ryan's run: ) it was a sweet tribute to a sweet little boy that passed away from SIDS.
Ken re-roofed the house and I re-landscaped the front yard and there is a year recap of the Fleury happening's : )