Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oi!!! Almost a year gone!

Oooooh Man! Yup almost 1 year and I FINALLY decided to update the good ole blog!

A lot has happened in the last year I became a mom & Ken became a dad to Holden! A full of life little stinker that changes everyday! I love him more then anything!

Here is a quick (I mean VERY quick) break down of the last year:

*Leah and the kids came in Aug '10 for a long stay to met Baby Holden
*Holden was the cutest little dragon for Halloween!
*We had an AMAZING Turkey day in Columbus with Ken and his family
*Christmas was pretty special with it being Holden's first. We split the weekend with my family and Ken's!
*In January '11 Ken, myself, Nicole and Brandon made our way to World of Concrete in Vegas...well we mostly visited Harrah's outdoor bar! It was my first trip to Vegas and it was a BLAST!!!! Holden spent the few days with Nana and Papa: )
*April Ken celebrated his 29th (yikes) Birthday...I need to start thinking of his 30th b0-day pary...
*May-Mindee my Mom and I ran the 5 mile MT Women's Run! After years of saying we were doing it and years of running the 2 mile we FINALLY did it!
We also ran/walked the Ryan's run: ) it was a sweet tribute to a sweet little boy that passed away from SIDS.
Ken re-roofed the house and I re-landscaped the front yard and there is a year recap of the Fleury happening's : )


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whoa Momma!

I am officially on the down hill stretch! I have approximately 34 days to go (but in my mind I keep taking on on extra week just incase!) Here is a picture from last week:
I am pretty sure I have grown since then too. Also note wedding rings came off around 30 weeks;'( but Ken has them locked away in the safe for future wearings.

We have officially finished purchasing our big ticket items! Wa-hooo! that was nice to get done. I will have to post pictures of the Bumbleride stroller that we purchased I am in love. I am excited to put on the jogging shoes again and take this little munchkin for a run: )

I had the most wonderful Baby shower ever thrown! Sue Vold and my Mother in law through me the shower and it was perfect. SHe out did her self and her generosity was to much. Thank you x1,000! here are some pictures that my sister in law was able to take:

Baby gift from Mindee! Love it!

Each guest brought a kids book for me to have to start my collection! I can not wait to read to him: )
Mother in law Chris (L) and Sue (R)
The most amazing cake ever made by my amazing sister in law Alycia

Candy Bar!
Ken and I are hoping to enjoy the last few weeks of rest and quite times together. I am trying to sleep at night but the sleepless nights are growing more frequent. I think my body is mentally preparing for the months of NO sleep.

The dogs are not going to have an easy transition especially Trax! He has already tried to make off with numerous toys to carry around in his mouth. I had to go buy him his own special toy for the time being and it seems to work. But, every morning he goes in to his room and checks to see if all of the toys are still on the bookshelf.

THe weather has been working to my favor actually :) I will take the cool 60's and 70's for the next couple of weeks and save the 90's till after I pop...sorry everyone I know you are all ready. But just a few more weeks.

I am starting my post pregnancy outfit list at this time as well. Its something to look forward to right!?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's all about family: )

It was a great and very eventful Mothers Day Weekend.

I kicked of the weekend with the Pasta Dinner for the Montana Women's Run with my Mom and our neighbors Peggy and Christine. We had never gone before and my Mom thought it would be a great time. Once we got there and started dinner the Women's Run staff were announcing things and awarding women awards for hard work and dedication. I was semi listening to what was being said when I heard them say Jeanne Milton...for those of you who do not recognize this name it is Ken's Grandmother. Jeanne had been attending the Women's Run every year for as long as Ken can remember. He said she would run every year and loved it, she even won her age category a few times. She flew down from San Diego and would run it with her daughters, nieces, granddaughters, friends, and other family members.
This year was the second year that Jeanne was unable to make it. Last year at this time Jeanne was in the hospital undergoing treatment for cancer in San Diego. During her treatment Jeanne was such a trooper and would walk on the treadmill just to stay as fit as she could.
It has almost been a year since Ken's Grandma has been gone but she is still very much with us because...The Pasta Dinner for the Montana Women's Run was dedicated to Jeanne Milton for her inspiration to other women in MT.
Love you Grandam Jeanne we will never forget you!!

The next morning I woke up (and bundled up 30 degrees brrrr) for the run. Ken had gotten me 2 beautiful roses and Bluetooth for the car! He thought it was a good idea so I am not driving our new born son around digging for a cell phone while driving...good idea! It was great and very unexpected since I still have two more months till D-day.

My Aunt Peggy came down for our "walk" and Mindee walked with us as well. It was nice I was definitely not use to walking, we have always run but I have been a bit lazy about running as of late; ) I could not believe how many people there were walking it was wall to wall people and it never thinned out! Usually when I run it thins out a bit. We finished and I vowed again (for the 5th year in a row!) that next year I am running the 5 if and's or but's. All of you heard it there is no backing out...pregnant or not I am running the 5; )

Later that day Ken and his brothers took Chris out for a long over due Mothers Day dinner (what good sons) at Ciao Mambo. And I met up with my parents again for Fudd's, mmmmm.

For Mothers Day we finished hanging pictures in the nursery and put the finishing touches on it. I think it looks pretty good if I don't say so myself! I am almost 31 weeks, 9 more to go (or a little more depending on if he has some stubborn Stabio in him: ))

Here are some pictures form our great weekend. Please do not mind my double chin. The t-shirts were made by my sister-in-law Nicole and we wore them during the run in memory of Jeanne....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A found memory...

I will never forget those days in the summer with my Aunts, cousins, Sister and Brother. Those were some of the best days of my life growing up wild and free spirited miles from the nearest town.

I have to thank my Gramma and Grampa for allowing us kids to come up countless summers and staying with them, feeding us and keeping us entertained.

Some of my favorite times were: rock picking with gramma, pulling calves with grampa, swimming in the reservoir with all of us kids, three-wheeler rides to Britmyers and back (at least 60 times a day), playing Barbies with Whit, Harvest, trips to Harlem to wash cloths, catching frogs, riding the horse around the house, cats/dogs/raccoons....ahhhh the list could go on and on. I would have to write a book with all the special memories I have.

I have been crocheting a blanket for our little guy this past week and it took me back to the time when my Gramma taught me how to crochet. I can still see her in her crocheted slippers and purple robe in the Big Orange Chair rocking back and forth knitting or crocheting. There was a time she would whip Whit or I up a doll out fit or blanket then there came a time when it was time for us to learn.

I have to laugh now as I am flying through this blanket because I can still hear my Gramma reminding me about why I need to do this or that and me asking why I need to and why I couldn't do it the way I wanted too. Well it's because you will end up with a triangle she would say. I have almost had a triangle twice now: )

Grandparents are very special and I think I was lucky enough and still lucky enough to have two of the best grandparent there ever were. Not only did I learn to crochet over the summers but I was taught what family is and what love is. And that no matter what we will always be there for one another and love one another.

My grandmothers favorite saying to this day is "if you can;t say something nice...don;t say anything at all" I still have to remind myself of this on most days but I am trying.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and Ken's 28th

We had a wonderful weekend spending time with our families.

Friday night Ken and I drove up to Columbus after we got off work to celebrate his Birthday with Chris and Ted. We arrived just in time to do Trax and Kimber's favorite activity, feeding the cows and horses. It was such a beautiful night and walk and the dogs really enjoyed being out of their backyard. I think there favorite part is rolling in to poo and eating it...ick!

We then hit the hay and for the evening in our personal cabin getaway: ) I was sleeping great until our frustrated child received his first dose of hiccups at 1:20 am and he was not a happy camper. It was a hiccup and then a horse kick, hiccup and horse kick .....for about 35 min. I felt so bad because I could do nothing to comfort him...but yikes I have a feeling his temper is gonna flare when he has no control over the situation.

The next day we feed the cows and horses and then went up to see the new babies that were born in the last couple weeks. There is really nothing cutter then a baby cafe that sucks on your fingers and to hear that little moo.

We had a nice little Spring winter storm roll through in the morning so our outside activities were put on hold when we returned to the house. But later in the afternoon we were able to go for a nice four-wheel rife out at Chris and Ted's place. Ken had not ridin his 2009 Grizzly that he had won in a bow shoot last year since last fall and he was really itching to "test" it out again but I had to remind him that our unborn child was also on the back of the 4-wheeler and he was defiantly better at not hotroding it.

For Ken's Birthday we went to the famous Roscoe Bar! And wow it was GOOD! Ken's steak was grilled and marinated to perfection. and for a 27 oz steak I was impressed that we put majority of it down.

Easter Sunday we spent at my folk's place. My Mom had prepared a wonderful meal and dessert. My sister in-law Mindee was able to spend the afternoon with us to since Ryan ha to work.

So to end out our little update I just want to wish my wonderful Husband a very happy 28th Birthday and my brother Ryan a very happy 31st Birthday. I love ya both!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A run down on the Fleury fun!

Okey dokey...I am terrible at this blogging stuff! But i will try and catch you up in pictures instead of 5 million words to spear you all blurred vision from hours of reading sized 12 font!

We have been SUPER busy which is great because it is making the impatient waiting for baby Fleury's arrival go by fast.
I had the honor of being in my life long best friends wedding Katy (Goodheart) Sears on February 27th in Portland Oregon. Ken and I were able to get away form Billings for a bit and enjoy the city life. Ken was in awe of all the interesting looking individuals in that area and it kept him very entertained. We were also able to spend time with one of my other Besties and her husband Erik. Ken really enjoyed spending time with Erik and they have a bunch of future hunting plans this coming winter; which is great for Lindsey and I!
Katy was as beautiful as always and it was so surreal to see her walk down the aisle and say I do to Brandon. It was a perfect day for family and friends. Love ya KT!!!

The following weekend we were able to share with Chris and ted on the Big Horn river. No, I did not fish but I was able to test out my new waiters and boots for the first time and the weather could not have been better. Ted and Ken caught up a storm and it was fun to watch and catch up with Chris. I am VERY lucky to have in-laws like them they are the greatest!

I guess I forgot to mention some "other" big news before we left for Portland we were able to find out if baby Fleury was a he or a she! Well, since I am always right: ) I had a hunch that our first was going to be a bouncing baby boy and low and behold I was right!! I am pretty sure Ken still has not wiped the grin off of his face which was super cute to watch his face light up when the ultrasound tech said I am 100% sure that it is a boy! So we are patiently awaiting his arrival.Ken and I painted the nursery this week and also assembled the crib and dresser. The reality that that room will soon be filled with a life is surreal! We can hardly wait.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It is a crumby day out side 40+ days of snow on the ground would make anyone go insane! WE are finally settling in our house on Mossman, Ken keeps wondering why everything that he had before has to be moved and changed around. I told him welcome to married life honey, it looks much better where I have it anyways; )

We we returned from our amazing honeymoon in the Caribbean we had our 14 week appt. Ken was unable to make it yet again because of his busy work schedule...but I was able to hear that little heartbeat for the first time which brought instant tears to my eyes 159 and going strong. Our next appointment is scheduled for the 22nd and if all goes well and the baby cooperates we will be sharing the news of a baby girl or a baby boy! We have plenty of bets going with family and friends. I am thinking about printing up shirts that say "TEAM KEN" in pink or "TEAM KASSI" in blue. Either way seeing a healthy baby will be the most rewarding.

Our honeymoon was more then I could have ever imagined. The beach the water the service was something that we will never forget. We lounged and swam and snorkeled, zip lined through a rain forest and wen to a walk in volcano (which was actually the worlds stinkiest hill). The food was amazing and we tried everything. Even something which I thought was "steak strips"...well after I gulped mine down the flavor if it was drown out by the garlic did I realized that I had just eaten something TERRIBLE! Kenn picked up his "steak stripes" and there was hair growing out of it...he took a deep breath and popped it in to his mouth. I could tell by the look on his face he was using every muscle in his body to chew that thing up and swallow it! For the rest of the meal all I could think about was this thing in my belly and I was not feeling to hot. SO after that meal I was really ready for a Wendy's burger or McDonald's!

We met a ton of other couples that had been married on 1/09/10 so it was fun to talk with them about where they were from and their weddings. We also ran saw Clay Aiken thats right Clay and his boyfriend were at the airport when we were leaving St. Lucia. He even asked Ken what flight we were on...Ken not so much impressed I on the other hand was so excited. I had gotten a picture with Brian Boytono when I was in the 5th grads so I thought it would be fitting to have one with Clay but...I decided not to and to just paparazzi it!

After our 22 hours of traveling we made it back to little old Billings and I could never imagine having grown up some place else. There really is "No place like home" close to family and friends is the best thing and feeling in the world.

With the wedding chapter closed a the baby chapter open we are ready to dive into phase II of our relationship. I think Ken is going to pull out is hair with how much this baby is gonna cost him but I know he is just teasing. He even told me I could get a Pottery Barn crib...ha even I can't swallow a $1,000 crib!

I will be updating you all with nursery pictures soon (maybe a clothed belly shot if I am feeling skinny: ))